Saturday, March 24, 2012

Say hi to LOLA :D

Assalamualaikum and wazzzzaaaappppp!

Today's post is about Lola, Nak tau who is she? well, she's a Hedgehog.

Awesome kan? Well, its not mine tho, it belongs to my good friend, Bella. Kami meet up kat Penang ( after sesat ) and pi merata nak cari a petshop that sells hedgehogs, and we found one kat Tanjung Tokong, with the help of Adlina of course, Thanks! Well , lucky for Bella tho. Aku tau kau tension x jumpa2 natang ni. hahaha.

Hedgehogs are cute but be prepared,

They'll roll if they feel threatened and the spikes really sting.

But its just for a while, then they'll get used to you and play around with ya ^^. Looking forward to play with Lola again, kinda miss her. haha. Ok lah, tu ja kot. , chows!

Dont forget to checkout Bella's blog too! 

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