Thursday, July 19, 2012

Northern Music Fest 2012

14 July haritu, I went to Penang for Northern Music Fest 2012. My main reason is to cheer to my mates from I Lost The Plot, you guys seriously should check em' out. Link ada kt bawah :D

Haa tiket pun dok ada dlm wallet lg :p

Venue : Botanical Garden, Georgetown. Bagi aku, venue serious layan, hijaunya, dengan open space banyak.

Tak rancak lagi tara ni?

Ni bukan festival cikai-cikai, bands mcm Tres Empre, Hello, Is This The Band?, I, Revival, Monoloque ada. Overall, terbaik, local acts kita memang should deserve respect, performance live memang never fail to entertain. :)

ILTP - Tristan And Iseult Without The Damsel #NMF2012

Haaa, and haritu nmpak Haziq kena tag in this one photo, I cant help it, terpaksa shop :P, Enjoy:

That's all for now
Dua tiga kucing berlari,

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